Wortkunst Bühne / word- art stage

2. November 2019 @ 21:00 – 3. November 2019 @ 0:00
Augasse 2-6
1090 Wien


It’s a stage for all kind of artists working with words. Wortkunst is a space for experimental, performative and small scale acts.

– – –

Rasak is a culture worker currently based in Vienna, also exploring their creative capacities in performance art and stand-up comedy. Rasak’s stand-ups are based on real life stories. For Grund für _ WKR party Rasak’s stand-up routine explores themes of cultural stereotypes and direct action.

See Rasak on Wortkunst stage at 21:00

– – –
Jasmin Beh does spoken word accompanied by live music.
Short biography from Cantina Corazon “Share the stage, Break the priveledge” in th framework for Wienwoche 2016:

” Witnessing asymmetric coduct in everyday social occurences, she developed a strong interest for the philosophical concept of human justice. It stimulated her awareness of the impact societal categories like gender, status and belonging, have on regular interactions and how these interactions in turn shape the concept of oneself.

The fascination for human behavior lead her to pursue the subject of Psychlogy in the Netherlands. She moved to Vienna, Austria to continue her studies. Jasmin’s main focus involves the treatment of Trauma, Healing, Empowerment and Selflove.

Her passion for poetry and telling stories presented itself already in early ages, as she was retelling famous fairy tales to family and friends and was writing imaginative stories herself as a child. As a teenager she was reading German translations of great Persian poets like Sa’adi, Rumi or Hafez on several occasions.

Considering facetts of identy in her own texts, as well as sentiments of ideals, reality and fraud merge, to present an inner monologue about simple and complex matters. Exposing pieces of herself with sarcastic yet compassionate wit, she sometimes presents a mirrow for her audience to reflect upon.”

See Jasmin on Wortkunst stage at 21:30

– – –

VVN makes slam poems on top of synth music. This performance will be a Tiny Desk Concert.
Mellow guitar sounds and subtle drum synths with German lyrics. On guitar is Julian Finda.

See VVN on Wortkunst stage at 22:20

– – –

InterStar Abundance Canon

Consisting of Eilert Asmervik (akbild wien), Joakim Mathisen (statliche kunstakademie Oslo) and Preben Simensen (Gerrit Ritveld akademie) the InterStar program brings forth all-in-one:
machine rhythm
Day-fresh Improv con-temporær guitar action
Discipline, Interplay
Painterly Poetry
Complimentary visual aesthetic experiences

InterStar is (amongst other definitive wordings)
ever elusive, ever emancipatory collective artistic practice, quasi-gallery, whatever-ness-activity active-ness.

Oppositional-creative force content the size of a horseback

We would like to do a dynamic hour, whose dramaturgic half rainbow-curve oscillates between, intimate fingerplay disonant and solvent all the way up to funk-odourous dancerlicioius crowd-connection bpm

See InterStar on Wortkunst stage at 23:00

– – –
Ort: Alte WU
Barrierefreier Zugang Augassse – Info hier / barrier free access to augasse – infos here https://www.akbild.ac.at/Portal/barrierefreierZugang_Akademie_de.pdf