Call for word art stage / 02.11.2019

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Call for word-artists stage Grund für WKR on 02.11.2019 //

Dear comedians, poets, singer-songwritters and other types of word-artists. We are inviting you to share your art and take part in Vienna Culture Rave to rise up against right-wing extremism together radically and creatively. Join us during the day or in the evening of 02.11 at “Alte WU” (Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna) and perform at our word-art stage!

We can offer you: – a stage and audience for your art – publicity through our event platforms – food and some drinks at the party – transportation of equipment in Vienna territory (if needed) – finding accommodation in Vienna (if needed)

– travel costs (if coming from outside of Vienna (or abroad))

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