When the ancients tell myths about the sky-gods descending from the heavens, their intend is to instruct humanity about the origins of law and labor whilst upholding the promise of salvation. ‘Mankind’ might very well have been created from the soil of planet earth. But the shackles binding it’s minds, bodies and futures, have always been considered alien. After only a few centuries of earthbound ‘humanism’, 21st century’s techno-capitalism seems all too eager to shed the limiting restrictions of its human skin. Tackling the un-imaginable forces of capitalist production and transformation, Exo-politics openly speculate on the political implications of government conspiracy, extraterrestrial life and alien intelligence. The lecture

seeks to hijack their tropes and myths of technological re-composition, cosmic colonialism, extra-terrestrial existence and posthumanity. As feverish or even nightmarish as they might appear – concepts of exo-politics, alien utopias and xeno-solidarity convey instructive concepts: The 4th Posadist International saw the banishment of our systems of oppression and exploitation not as something to be achieved by humanity but instead as salvation brought forth via the intervention of supreme forces of extraterrestrial and alien origin. Aliens in Green seek to actively intervene in capitalisms technological and biological recomposition of life on planet earth by means of interspecies solidarity. What lessons can be learned in order to survive on a planet planet turned laboratory?..