19h30 – 20h30 Final discussion

from 20h soli donation for initiatives

This is a solidarity event – all the artists, organizers, technicians and contributors involved here are doing this unpaid. It is important to all of us to make as much money as possible for the initiatives we want to support. Not because we think money is so important, but because it helps the groups to realize and enforce their concerns. So think about it – what else do you spend for an evening with over 50 program points? How else can you support the work of the initiatives? Where else do you quickly spend 15-25-50-100 euros without it going to solidarity and collective structures?

Whoever has no or little money, tell us – there is the solieuro as a donation proposal.

At the entrance you will receive a brochure with all the texts and information about the groups we support.

The donations go to: sea-eye, Sea-Watch, Seebrücke Wien, AwA_Wien, Autonomní sociální centrum Klinika, Kaleidoskop, Infoladen Bibliomediatake, ARGE Räume, 4lthangrund and Stop Deportation Vienna

barrier-free access – There is a wheelchair accessible driveway via the ramp coming from the Augasse (as well as in the case of the slope being too steep, via the entrance to the Wipark garage – please call) and an entrance via the outlet at “Kern A “(the main entrance has steps). To move between floors, the elevator C can be used. For support on 31st from 12h – 06h30 the Awareness / Security can be called under: 068120234298 . Access to the wheelchair-accessible toilet is via the house security of “Siwacht” at the main entrance (since this is not located on the ground floor or first floor, the Secus must be notified).

Generally: A careful atmosphere is important and necessary! Everyone shares responsibility for the night together. So ask if something seems unclear or if you do not know if another person wants what you want. Reflects on what and how much you consume. Be aware that you are responsible for your actions.

Should there be any unpleasant situations that you can not or do not want to solve on your own, then you can always contact the Awareness / Security Services who are there at the telephone number and at the info point as well as the entrance or exit. Awareness and security are persons who can identify themselves to you as having an identification card. They are there to support you.

It is true: smoking inside is FPÖ-style! There is an absolute smoking ban inside the building. Who smokes, is thrown out (and must bear any costs for fire service – in case activated itself).

And: Privacy first – as we know not only since Ibiza, it is important to be able to celebrate in peace – Video recordings, mobile phone photos and other unaccompanied documentation of the event are not welcome – Persons who document are identified with a documentation-ID and no photos will be publish on which faces can be seen (unless people on it did agree to). Anyone who does not comply with this agreement must also go.

The exact program is only available locally – from the beginning there is great things to see and hear. Who is there – is here! The information here is therefore a small taste, so you know roughly what to expect.



Jazz dann Tekno

Anna Anderluh

danach Tekno von SBS


Freestyle KidPex+Friends

basscave (DnB)

Floor ohne Grenzen
diverse music

the name is program

downtempo, slowhouse, darkdisco

Kino Cinema 1:

21h15 Mission Lifeline

22h30 – 04h30 KinoDynamique / Kino 5 – Kurzfilmprogramm