in the long form “multiple alternative culture collective” is an association active in Vienna, Lower Austria and transnationally. The central concern is to bring together artistic expressions and socio-political topics. Since 2016, the association has supported people in implementing their project ideas in the field of art, culture and youth education. macuco emerged from the need for a structure that serves as a catalyst and network hub for mutual support, knowledge transfer and exchange. Depending on the size of the project, macuco’s working method alternates between closed and open formats, using a variety of didactic, methodical and theoretical approaches that promote participation and self-empowerment. A key concern is to increase the accessibility of such services by proactively reducing financial and discrimination barriers to participation (for example, by collecting free donations rather than fixed prices or exclusive offers for LGBTIQ * people).

macuco actively networks and cooperates with regional and transnational organizations, associations, NGOs, NPOs, informal groups and initiatives in various fields.