Ingredients (4people)

1 big celery foot
potatoes (as a side dish)

1. Peel and wash the celery root and cut it in half. From each half create 1 cm slim slices.

2. Cook the slices of celery in water for about 10 minutes (tip – you can use the water for soup). The slices will will become tender and easy to fry.

3. Meanwhile you can prepare flour, water, and breadcrumbs in different bowls each. After the slices are done, let them cool down and then let the water drain.

4. Cover each slice in flour, then put in the cold water and cover once again in breadcrumbs.

5. Fry the slices in oil in a frying pan by a rather high temperature (warm the celery and fry the breadcrumbs because the celery is already done).