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    sleeping situation
    We sleep in shared rooms and in tents on site - please tell us what you prefer. In both cases please bring a sleeping bag with you (let us know if you have no access to one). In case you don't have a tent or camping mattress its still possible to camp in a tent - we can organize one.

    i prefer
    shared bedroomwoman, trans, inter*, queer only sleeping roomtenti dont care - fit me in where you have space

    i need
    camping mattresstent

    will be vegan with some vegetarian options

    let us know if you have any food allergy's


    are there any medical things we need to know

    other things you would like to share


    let us know if you have specific wishes for material you would like to work with (we will try to organize as much of wishes we receive)

    participation - open CALL
    during ZINECAMP 19 you can bring in your own program
    you want to contribute with things like: music, movie-screening, visuals, reading, djing, theory-session, story telling, sharing infos about your project(s), sharing ideas, ... let us know the following

    do you like to contribute:
    during the closed time of the ZINE CAMP 19 (no guests only participants) (possible in between 03th and 09th)
    at the public ZINE CAMP DAY (10th of august from 3pm on)
    zinecampopen dayi dont care

    give a short description what you would like to do including at least one sentence we could use for the program (an other infos like planed duration, number of participants, web-links etc.)

    any picture / file you would like to share connected with the proposal? (max. 3mb, .pdf, .jpg or .gif)

    an info about technical equipment you need to make your proposal happen

    and an info about material you need for the proposal (and an info what we need to organize and what you can organize yourself including the costs of the material)

    anything else you would like to share / ask / know ?