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    About us and Zine Camp
    _willi and Rasak with the help of friends/partners in crime this year are organizing a third Zine camp. The first one happened in 2018 and was mostly very small and local with very few international participants, while the second one in 2019 was organized as an Erasmus+ Youth mobility project and had participants from 4 countries. Youth mobility projects downside is that it requires people to be under 30 years old, which some of us are not anymore, so for this year's Zine Camp we chose Youth Workers Mobility category.

    The theme of this year's camp is "Writing progress", where we wanted to focus on working together, documenting our practices, visions, and successes with wider audiences doing blueprints in a format of zines. To reach this level of working together we need to establish common ground, therefore first days of zine camp is focusing on building affinity groups, getting to know each other, and having introductory workshops, while later in the program we want to have more time on working together and producing projects. One projects that is traditional for zine camp - a new issue of Utopia zine, that hosts contributions of preferably all participants. Other projects, we hope, with appear by collaborating with your fellows over the course of the Zine Camp, therefore we want to make enough time for people to meet, network and spend informal time together

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    The location
    Located in Sonnenpark in St. Pölten, LAMES has a feeling of being in the countryside while still having all the comforts of being in a city. Park surrounding the venue gives a feeling of privacy, detachment from the city life and helps to focus on planned activities. It has inside and outside areas suitable for working in big groups, but also has smaller rooms and hideaway places in the yard perfect for working on one's own or in peer groups or various group sizes.
    We will use rooms in two houses, the yard they share and some areas of the park for our activities.
    A river passes just behind one of the houses on the location, that we will be swimming in.
    The park itself is publically accessible and therefore people sometimes pass by LAMES to see what's going on.

    Here is a video made by ERASMUS+ authorities last summer at Zine Camp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQNYaxI1lPI
    At 00:40 and 02:27 of the video, you see the White room - the biggest inside room we will be using, where around 30 people can sit together around the table. The room is on the ground floor and is accessible both from the outside (from side of the park) and through a few smaller rooms, we will also be using. There is a piano in the room.
    At 01:37 and 02:55 you see the area between the houses what we will be using and the second house, where the bar and party room (Black room) can be used as part of our activities, as well as the orange room, which has a balcony that you can see in this video. On the same floor there is the only inside shower in the location, that we all be using, a small kitchen (that we probably will not use), and LAMES office, that we will not use.
    At 02:37 you can see the Orange room.
    At 03:22 you can see a part of the first house from the outside (the house where the White room is)
    At 03:35 and 04:21 you can see the outside bar that is at the entrance of the first house that last year we used for serving breakfast and also lunches and dinner when the weather was good.
    At 03:47 you can see the area in between houses, the first house is on the right side this time.

    More about LAMES [in German]: https://lames.at/about/

    Here are the Sonnenpark rules:

    In Sonnenpark respectful behavior towards people, plants, animals, and things are taken for granted.

    The park is open to visitors all year round from 6:00 to 22:00 - with the exception of events for which different opening hours apply.

    Use of the area is at your own risk, parents are liable for their children.

    The Sonnenpark is leased, operated, managed and made available by the association "Sonnenpark - Park der Vielfalt" in accordance with the following rules of use:

    [rules in german here: http://www.sonnenpark-stp.at/?page_id=2697]

    1. Walk exclusively on the paths and mowed areas. Careful cycling is permitted at walking pace.
    2. Dogs must be kept on a leash throughout the entire grounds, use a sack for the cackle.
    3. Smoking is only allowed in the marked areas with an ashtray in place. Lighting fires and barbecues are prohibited in the entire park. Fire hazard!
    4. Avoid waste and dispose of it properly. It is forbidden to deposit rubble, bulky waste, green waste etc. as well as spillage of oils, paints etc. cigarette butt on the ground alone pollutes hundreds of liters of clean groundwater.
    5. School groups, associations, private parties and commercially active persons or groups require an inquiry to the Sonnenpark Association.
    6. Bathing in the Mühlbach and walking on the banks and walls is not permitted.
    7. Leave soil, animals, and plants in their natural environment.
    8. Listening to music, making music, and singing is only permitted at a moderate volume, which is reasonable for other visitors.
    9. Camping on the park grounds is prohibited - except during special events.
    10. Barriers and warning signs must be observed.
    11. In case of strong wind and storm, the places under and next to trees must be left immediately.
    12. It is pointed out that in case of snow conditions no clearing and sanding will be carried out. Entering at your own risk.
    Please remind others of our rules of use. Thank you!

    The park plan: http://www.sonnenpark-stp.at/?attachment_id=2590 [numbers 26 and 28 marks the houses we will use, camping locations are still being negotiated]

    There will be people coming from Austria, Germany, Italy, and Romania and, if it works out, some people in Lithuania will join us online for some activities. People that are participating in Zine camp come from various backgrounds and have a spectrum of interests between art, activism, technologies, and zine-making to name a few.

    Together with a few external people (kitchen team, accountant), we will be around 30 people on site.

    We want you to get to know each other a bit before arrival, so we ask you to introduce yourself to others in a few sentences.

    Please write two to five sentences about yourself (they will be shared with other participants) (required)

    Most people will arrive at different times on 14th. Because of this 14th will be a day where we will play and introductory game, set up the location for our needs, and have the first meeting together in the evening when most participants will be on the spot.

    How to get to Lames: https://macuco.org/zinecamp19/how-to-get-to-lames/

    Safety/Security/Awareness concepts

    Zine camp will be a closed event and there will be no Open Zine Day public event this year.
    We hope that all of us will manage to keep respectful communication and behavior with each other at all times, but things happen. In case of conflicts first, try to calm down and talk things through. Ask for help if it's not possible.
    At least two people on site are trained in security and awareness work and will be accessible throughout the Zine camp if support is be needed.
    Regarding drug consumption (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc.) - know your limits and be mindful. Take care of yourself and others.
    Affinity groups will also work as immediate support groups as it's the groups that do daily check-ins with each other. Daily delegate meetings will also be places where problems could be brought in when they appear and, hopefully, solved before escalating.

    Covid-19 prevention measures:
    most people will sleep in tents in camping areas in the park and inside sleeping will be reserved only to few cases, for people who for health or other reasons can't sleep in tents;
    There will be masks, disinfection liquid, gloves, a thermometer on-site;
    On arrival day we will have a meeting to discuss what specific measures (keeping distance, wearing masks inside, limiting the amount of people in rooms, etc.) the group feels comfortable having on-site during the entire period of Zine camp so that people would feel safe.

    - What measures do you find necessary for yourself to feel safe during Zine camp? (required)

    Affinity groups

    Organizing in affinity groups is a very important Zine camp experience. It helps people to get to know each other and form trust in the group, check-in with each other, discuss, and organize together. Affinity groups have rotating daily tasks to fulfill, such as kitchen support, cleaning/preparing spaces, and organizing fun recreational activities for the whole camp. Moreover, affinity groups help to try out situations of responsibility and leadership for the group as each day one member of each affinity group would have a rotating position of a delegate to represent their group in delegates meeting - checking in and problem-solving meeting taking place each evening. Delegate meetings save time (not the whole camp has to attend) and create a good overview on the moods/needs of participants and help to see problems when they come up and solve them in time. Moreover, it helps people to stay anonymous (if they want to) when addressing problems in the group.

    On arrival day and the first part of the day on 15th, we play games that will help to see what people you would like to form your affinity group with. From around lunchtime on 15th your affinity group will form and have the first meeting.


    External (paid) kitchen team: Moritz and Elif will cook for us during the entire period of Zine camp. Food will be vegan with some vegetarian options. Breakfast will be buffet type, while lunch and dinner will be warm food when possible made from bio and regional products.

    - Do you have specific food-related needs (due to allergies/intolerance/etc.)? (required)

    Sleeping situation

    As part of COVID-19 prevention measures we want most people to sleep in tents and reserve inside sleeping only to few cases, for people who for health or other reasons can't sleep in tents;

    We can organize tents and sleeping gear if needed but need to know what is needed.

    Camping grounds: in the park next to the house. Might be one or more camping possibilities in the park. As the park is also accessible for other people, a room with a code lock inside the house will be available for keeping things.

    Sleeping in the attic: there is a lot of beds in a few attic rooms in the house, but we can't ensure a safe sleeping situation, due to insufficient ventilation. Therefore sleeping upstairs will be limited and reserved only for people who for health or other reasons can't sleep in tents.

    What sleeping situation are you comfortable with? (required*)
    - I will bring my tent and other sleeping gear (sleeping bag, sleeping mat)
    - I will bring a tent, but need sleeping bag and/or mat [please specify]
    - I'll bring sleeping bag/mat, but need a tent [please specify]
    - I can't sleep outside and need inside sleeping place [please describe your needs]" " - I'll bring sleeping bag/mat, but need a tent [please specify]" " - I can't sleep outside and need inside sleeping place [please describe your needs]"]

    space for specifications:


    The program of Zine camp will have several stages. First few days of the camp we want to do introductory workshops so that all participants would have the same level of knowledge on zine-making and creative stations. Then the program becomes more loose and flexible to the needs of participants. Some participants have prepared some workshops themselves and will decide when they want to do it in the program. More open slots for spontaneous workshops/activities will be available in the program. Besides workshops, time will be left for participants to develop their own zine and other creative projects alone and/or in self-organized interest-based groups. Also, there was a big wish to have enough chill/network/fun time that we try to fulfill.

    This year 2 self-running creative stations are planned: silk printing and linocut. On the first days of zine camp, introductory workshops will be held so that participants know how to use them and then they can be used any time.

    There are several games that are planned for the program and, hopefully, more games will spontaneously start during the period of zine camp.

    Things to bring

    Protective masks are compulsory to wear in public transport and shops in Austria. So always have a mask with you.
    Some workshops in the program would need you to have a laptop and/or smartphone, like phone/laptop/internet security workshops.
    As part of COVID-19 prevention measures we want most people to sleep in tents and reserve inside sleeping only to few cases, for people who for health or other reasons can't sleep in tents; some camping gear will for sure provided from us, but if people can bring their own, that is the best 🙂
    Sunscreen, warm clothes, and rain protection clothing (might be cold at night even in good weather). So far the weather forecast predicts both kinds of weather up to +31 degrees on some days and rain and thunderstorms on others.


    On 14th-16th and 21st-23rd of August, our accountant will be on-site to handle refunds (in context as agreed on), but you'll have to give her tickets/gas bills. Your bank data will be needed for this, refunds in cash can be done, but transfers are preferred.


    23rd is the official departure day, but some of the trainers will leave a few days earlier, which will change our group dynamic.
    On 23rd there will be no program anymore and with the help of those of you that will not leave earlier, we will start doing build down.

    Other needs/questions/remarks

    - Is there something you want to let us know about?